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SimCityPak crashes when trying to view "0x92a45025"

Hi, SimCityPak crashes for me when I try to view "0x92a45025" found in "SimCity_Game.package" same for anyone else? I thought it perhaps where an "illegal character somewhere that causes this. S...

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Problem with importing Blender .obj files

Hey all versions over SCPACK cause a crash if i try to import any Blender .obj or .dae data and i get graphic artifacts in Game & SCPAK. Models made with Autodesk 3D Studio Max are fine wit...

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Retexture bug

when i retexture a bus the new texture wont show or be very buggy please help me

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[Solved] Problem with transform properties

Hey oppie i tried to change the Policiedistrict (0xb40cd52c), any change will result in a Error (after reloading). After testing around i can say quite sure that the fault comes from one of these T...

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Editing Inserted Array Items duplicates values

When adding new array items within a property, and setting the values to be unique - exporting the package results in all values being the same. Steps to reproduce: Load up shuttle bus from the ...

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Empty list items

UI is damn good, here i found the Issue in v0.3.1.0 Loaded file: /SimCityData/SimCity_Game.package

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"Load Instance Names" does not load instance names

After following the answer from Oppie at, I tried to use this function to load English versions of the instance names. I had to first overcome th...

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Crash on "Load Instance Names"

When I click on the button to reload the instance names (under tools), Windows pops up with a "SimCityPak has stopped working."] I'm using Windows 8, 64-bit.

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InstanceRegistry.xml (incorrect labeling) Modify failed.

This is not working. There are instances labeled but they do not appear in any XML file. I've also tried to manual modify these XML files, they do not change the SimCityPak Labels. For Instances:...

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How might someone like myself to contribute to this project? I'm a developer, I've been working on some mods for SC13, currently I've defined instances for all the road types that where not avail, ...

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